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FIT 365 is the Very Best Meal Replacement

  • Contains Only All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Native Grass-Fed Whey Protein that’s not a byproduct of cheese manufacture
  • Coconut Oil for supreme fat burning
  • Plant-based Fiber to keep you satisfied for hours
  • Low Glycemic, calorie free sweeteners Non-GMO Erythritol and Monk Fruit Extract
  • Organic Cocoa, Colostrum, Borage Seed Oil, pink salt, lecithin, and silica
  • Maximum absorption through Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Blend
  • Complete Meal with ultra premium protein, fiber, oils, and enzymes
  • 5 Billion live probiotics per serving
  • Best Tasting shake on the market…period

      Complete low calorie meal in a shake

      • High Protein (22g)
      • Gluten-Free
      • Grass-fed whey
      • Low Glycemic
      • High Fiber (6g)
      • Coconut Oil
      • Soy Free
      • Low Calorie
      • Non-GMO
      • Completely Nutritious & Incredibly Delicious
      • Contains Only All Natural & Organic Ingredients
      • A Delicious Whey to Stay FIT 365 Days A Year!

      FIT 365® brings a new class of all-natural meal replacement to the market scientifically formulated to promote body fat loss, lean muscle gain, high energy, and immune system enhancement.

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            January 22, 2016

            With all of the award shows going on, celebrities are under the microscope the second they step onto the red carpet and therefore need to make sure they show up looking their best. Not only do they have to maintain good shape year round, knowing that the paparazzi could be lurking around any corner– just waiting to catch an image of them in a moment of weakness. Yet when it’s awards season, celebrities must bring their A game. These celebs know that the TV shows about how they look at the awards shows are nearly as important to their brand as the awards themselves.   Having worked with many celebrities and professional athletes over my 12-year training career, I’ve had...

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            January 18, 2016

            Throughout much of history, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac. From the world’s most famous lover Casanova, who was known to drink Cioccolata at Café Florian in Venice and considered chocolate to be the “elixir of love” (and more stimulating than champagne) to Montezuma, who it’s claimed drank a cup of chocolate before entering his harem, chocolate has been noted as one of nature’s most mystical aphrodisiacs. One report on the ancient Aztecs noted that because of this, all foods made with chocolate were strictly forbidden to women. (1) As a nutritionist– and a man with common sense– I know the second golden rule is NEVER get between a woman and her chocolate! But what is it about chocolate that...

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