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FIT 365 Is A Healthy Meal DESIGNED FOR YOU

As a fitness and nutrition expert for Hollywood’s elite, professional and Olympic athletes, top CEOs, and busy moms, my clients were uncompromising in their desire for delicious, healthy, and convenient meals for their on-the-go lifestyles. FIT 365 is the culmination of years of blending the highest quality, real food ingredients with complimentary organic natural flavors. More than a nutrition supplement, more than a meal replacement, more than an epicurean masterpiece – FIT 365 reflects the commitment you make to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. So indulge yourself, I promise your satisfaction!

A Family Business

CEO of FIT 365 Shakes Kyle Brown's Family 

Health and fitness started early in the Brown family—Dr. Bob and Kyle Brown circa 1984In 2003, my Dad and I set out on a journey to achieve the perfect blend of health and taste by using only the highest quality all natural and organic ingredients. Ever since Junior High basketball in 1991 (when I started wearing sleeveless jerseys), I started choking down disgusting protein shakes to try make my arms look like my hero Michael Jordan’s arms. Fast forward 12 years, while I was in school studying clinical nutrition, I was shocked to learn the truth about protein shakes and ingredient sourcing. I learned that I had been scammed by the marketing of brands I loved who had been cutting corners on the quality of ingredients and hiding behind words like “time released protein” and bragging about the filtration and isolation of their ingredients, which are just ways to heavily process them from the state mother nature intended. For instance, raving about the value of whey protein isolate, a heavily processed ingredient from corn or soy feed cows. Why? To keep costs down and profit margins high. Pictured Right: Health and fitness started early in the Brown family (Dr. Robert Brown and Kyle Brown circa 1984)

I’d been selling other brands of protein and meal replacement shakes to my fitness and nutrition clients for years. When I finally found brands with decent ingredients and nothing artificial, my clients were frustrated that in order to make a complete meal in a shake, they had to add like 10 ingredients to each shake they made, which was totally inconvenient and incredibly expensive. Worst of all, my clients were frustrated by companies claiming on their marketing and on their packaging that their products tasted amazing, only to get home and blend up a shake with a terrible taste and aftertaste. They quickly stopped being compliant to their programs because they couldn’t stand drinking shakes that tasted terrible and I couldn’t in good conscious recommend they ingest anything with artificial ingredients, flavors, sweeteners or low quality ingredients. At that moment, our journey began.



With a team of naturopathic doctors and food chemists, we search the globe for the healthiest, best-tasting, natural and organic ingredients. Most of these ingredients were unknown by the mainstream and now they are each sold separately at health food stores like Whole Foods Market.

From South Australia, we found the highest potency, highest quality grass-pasture fed & hormone free whey protein on the planet. From the tropics, coconut oil, the most delicious fat burning oil available. Instead of processed cocoa, we found the highest antioxidant, best-tasting organic Cocoa in South America. From the Himalayan Mountains, we discovered pink salt, the most pristine, mineral rich of all the sea salts. From New Zealand, we found grass-fed bovine colostrum, which helps restore immune function. As taste is king, we cut no corners when it came to our sweeteners. We chose sweeteners with side benefits-- not side effects. Most shakes are sweetened with artificial flavors and sweeteners like sucralose or aspartame and the natural shakes are sweetened with heavily processed corn syrup or fructose or stevia – which has an unpleasant aftertaste. We found a rare fruit that has since been praised in the mainstream called monk fruit- an excellent antioxidant that’s low-glycemic and calorie free. We balanced monk fruit with a USDA certified organic non-GMO Erythitol, a natural, low glycemic sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables. To enhance absorption, maintain healthy digestion, and sustain the immune system, we included the highest quality probiotic blend (5 Billion live probiotics) and a full-spectrum digestive enzyme blend, even adding the lactase enzyme for milk drinkers.

Most people are shocked that something so healthy can taste so amazing. FIT 365 will help you achieve a healthy body and maintain that health 365 days a year. So embark on your journey today!


From my family to yours,


Kyle Brown
CEO of FIT 365 Shakes
Host of "The Empower Hour" on ESPN Radio
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert