For roughly a decade, FIT 365 has been a daily ritual for of living a healthy lifestyle for countless celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes, and many of the biggest leaders in fitness, nutrition, and natural health industries. We’re honored to have these leaders as FIT 365 Ambassadors. Check out their stories of how FIT 365 helps them live a fit, healthy, and happy life 365 days a year.


Willie Gault

"The FIT 365 shakes are amazing! They taste great and it gets me going in the morning. Vanilla is my absolute favorite. Thank you for kick-starting my day!"

— Willie Gault, NFL Super Bowl XX Champion Wide Receiver Chicago Bears, Olympic Gold Medalist 4 x 100 m relay, World Record Holder in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes for the 45-49 and 50-54 age groups.


Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia

"I use FIT 365 as a healthy breakfast or a post-workout recovery drink. I love the way they taste and how amazing they make me feel. Everyone should make FIT 365 part of their daily fitness ritual."

— Jeff Garcia, NFL Quarterback, seventeen-year professional career


Carmella DeCesare Garcia

Carmella DeCesare Garcia

"The FIT 365 shakes taste so good I feel like I am cheating on my diet! They keep me full and satisfied and are a perfect breakfast option for busy fit moms."

— Carmella DeCesare Garcia, Playboy Playmate of the Year 2004, model, mother of 4 amazing kids!


Shannon Mac Millan

Shannon Mac Millan

"The FIT 365 shakes have become a perfect addition to my healthy lifestyle as a quick and easy breakfast. My little one loves it and asks for a FIT 365 smoothie all the time. It tastes amazing and helps me keep my health and fitness and championship level."

— Shannon Mac Millan, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Women's Soccer, 1999 Women’s World Cup Champion, twelve-year career with U.S. Women's National Team, with 176 games, 1995 Hermann Trophy Winner, Best Female Collegiate Soccer Player


Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning

"As a working mother of three, I have to say time is my most valuable asset. FIT 365 keeps my health and fitness on the A-List. I love blending FIT 365 shakes for my whole family, as they use only all-natural and organic ingredients. And it's actually less expensive and faster to make than bacon, eggs and toast-- and healthier, too."

— Debbe Dunning, Actress/Mother, Heidi, the Tool Time Girl from Home Improvement


Steve Timmons

Steve Timmons

"After a workout, I need quick, clean quality fuel to keep me energized all day long. What I love so much about FIT 365 is for the athlete in me, I have the best fuel I can be feeding my body. As an Olympic gold medalist, I have access to best stuff for free all the time yet I chose to buy FIT 365. As an active father, there’s nothing easier or healthier than 2 scoops in my shaker cup. Simply shake, drink, and go!"

— Steve Timmons, Three-Time Gold Medalist, Volleyball

Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler

"Here's what I like about FIT 365: That they are a family business with a vested interest in providing a quality, un-compromised product to their customers that ALSO tastes fantastic? It's a win all around."

— Jen Sinkler, Fitness Writer and workout connoisseur 



Lauren Brooks

“FIT 365 Grass Fed Whey protein has been a staple in my house hold for over 9 years. I admit I'm a huge snob when it comes to the type of protein I ingest, especially for my children. I have used FIT 365 with confidence, enjoyed the INCREDIBLE taste and benefits not only for myself but also throughout both of my pregnancies. Even our picky kids LOVE the shake. 

As a strength and conditioning coach as well as a Clinical nutritionist, this shake has kept me very healthy, lean, and strong. I continue to recommend it to my students and clients and they always come back for more. 

Thank you Kyle for developing such a remarkable product.” 

— Lauren Brooks “The Kettle Bell Queen”, CCN, B.S. Senior SFG 


Minh Nguyen

“As a nutrition chef, I use FIT365 protein because of the quality it possesses. Every ingredient is listed and shows the reason and nutritional benefits. But most of all, it makes all my replacement meals and drinks taste so good :-)”

— Minh Nguyen, Celebrity Fitness Chef


Christa Orecchio

“No doubt about it, this is our absolute favorite protein powder. It was formulated by a team of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and food chemists and uses the highest quality, organic ingredients that can be found. The whey in Fit 365 comes from native, South Australian grass-fed cows.  Fit 365 contains coconut oil, which we love for so many reasons from brain function, to metabolism to skin health and digestive support. It also uses natural sweeteners like organic, non-GMO erythritol and monk fruit and pink salt for added minerals your body can easily recognize and use. Thank you Fit365 for your hard work in creating a protein powder that we can stand behind 100%!”

— Christina Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor, and The Whole Journey Founder 



Dr. Stephen Cabral

"When I'm searching for the very best nutritional supplements to use with my clients I'm looking for 3 things: 1. The product must contain ingredients clinically proven to work at the dose provided. 2. The supplement must be free of any toxic chemicals, hormones, pesticides and binders. 3. It must be a great value for the price. So, when I saw FIT 365 passed my initial criteria I slowly phased it into our nutritional supplement offerings. Did it work? Our clients loved the product and the taste! And, unlike a lot of whey proteins FIT365 doesn't seem to cause the bloating that many people get using whey based supplements. In my opinion, if you're looking for a whey protein that is packed with additional immune boosting nutraceuticals then FIT365 should top your list.

— Dr. Stephen Cabral, ND, CSCSBoard Certified Naturopathic DoctorCertified Strength & Conditioning Specialist


Darren Rudsinski

“There is no better nutritional support for athletes than FIT 365 shakes. I’ve watched my professional, Olympic, and youth competitive athletes for years benefit from having FIT 365 shakes. Couldn’t recommend them enough.”

— Darren Rudsinski, Strength & Conditioning Coach at The Bo Jackson Elite Sports Dome


Garret Jones

"My wife is very nutrition savvy. So eating healthy has helped me stay the course over a long career. We love both the taste of FIT 365 and the quality of what's inside."

— Garrett Jones, Miami Marlins star 1st baseman 

Stephan Bonnar

"As in life, martial arts and fighting are filled with numerous obstacles. The ups are great, but the downs can be devastating. Every fighter goes through these to some extent or another. Working through these downs is what builds character and discipline. The secrets in How Much Does A Zebra Weigh? will empower you to build your self confidence so you can conquer any obstacle."

Stephan "The American Psycho" Bonnar, Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), Light Heavyweight Fighter Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Finalist