FAQ: What is a Fit365® Creator?

Our ideal Fit365® Creator is someone has an established career in the health and wellness industry such as health coach, wellness blogger, fitness professional such as a personal trainer, etc., and is searching for a company to partner with to create content including (but not limited to) the following: 

  • Recipes,
  • Instagram Posts, 
  • Videos, 
  • Blog Posts, 
  • Etc.  

In exchange for the creation of Fit365® branded content, our Fit365® Creators get access to (FREE) Fit365® Products in addition to an industry leading referral commission and affiliate bonus structure. On top of this, we will work side-by-side with you to develop unique promotional and partnership opportunities which are only available as a Fit365® Creator

FAQ: How do I Become a Fit365® Creator? 

To learn more about how to become a Fit365® Creator including details on how to Earn (FREE) Fit365® Products and access our industry leading commission structure, please email our Creator Concierge Team: 

FAQ: What is the Commission for Each Product Sale? 

We offer an industry leading 40% flat-rate affiliate commission on one-time retail orders that are directly attributed to your unique Fit365® Creator link within the 45-day referral tracking period. 

FAQ: Do you Pay Commissions on Recurring Subscription (VIP Club) Orders? 

No, we currently do not offer recurring commissions for on-going VIP Club Subscription Orders

FAQ: Do you Offer Custom Promotional Codes and Referral Links? 

Yes! Once you are accepted as a Fit365® Creator, you will immediately get access to a custom referral link and unique promotional codes to help assist with your Fit365® Product marketing efforts.