FAQ: Do You Have a Money-Back Guarantee on all Fit365® Products?

Yes, absolutely! When it comes to your product experience with our company, we're confident that you'll not only love the taste of our products but that you'll be completely satisfied with your overall customer experience! In fact, we're so confident in this core value that we stand behind all of our products with our "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money-Back".  

FAQ: What Should I do to Request a Refund or Exchange? 

Should you have an issue with your order for any reason, rest assured that our team is here to help! Please note that before we issue a refund or exchange, a member of our team will quickly ask for more specific details as we try to find an alternative solution or product offering that best suits your unique lifestyle and wellness goals. Should you still need to request a refund after we’ve tried to solve your specific issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team: 

FAQ: How Long Should I Expect to Wait Before I Receive a Refund?  

For the majority of U.S. banks and card issuers, you can expect to receive your refund with 3-5 business days. Should you have any issues or extended delays receiving this refund after it has been issued, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team: 

FAQ: Is There a Time Frame in Which I Can Request a Refund or Exchange? 

Yes, and no. Our products have a certified shelf life of over 2+ years, which is determined by the manufacture date that is located on the back of all product labels. Taking into account your order date vs. a product(s) shelf life, we stand firmly behind our products backing them with our "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money-Back" for the duration of each product(s) lifecycle. Should you have any specific questions about this policy and if it applies to your order, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team:

FAQ: Can I Request or Exchange After my First Order? 

While there are certain circumstances in which an order refund or exchange is applicable after you have tried our product(s), this policy is specifically designed for new customers who try one of our product(s) for the first time and are not completely satisfied with their product experience. Should you need any specific clarification regarding this policy before you place your first order please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team: