FAQ: Why Should I Become a FIT365® Rewards Club Member? 

When you Create Your Fit365® Account, you'll automatically become eligible for our (FREE) Fit365® Rewards Club Program. What this means for you is that for every time you place an order with us, you’ll Earn (FITCOIN) Rewards that are fully redeemable on future orders. In addition to this, you'll also qualify for faster rewards with our Reward Club (BONUS) Earning ActionsRewards Club VIP Tiers, and more! 

FAQ: How do I Start Earning FIT365® (FITCOIN) Rewards? 

To get started earning rewards and learn more about the ways in which you can earn (BONUS) rewards faster, please use the following steps: 

FAQ: How do I Earn Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards? 

FAQ: How do I Unlock Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club VIP Tiers? 

  • Level I - Bronze 

  • Level II - Silver VIP 

  • Level III - Gold Ambassador 

  • Level IV - Platinum Elite 

FAQ: How do I Earn Additional Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Points? 

  • Submit an Honest Review 

  • Share us on Facebook

  • Shout us out on Twitter

  • Like us on Facebook

  • Follow us on Twitter

  • Share the Community 

  • Follow us on Instagram

FAQ: How do I Redeem Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Points? 

  • 500 FITCOIN = ($5) Reward

  • 1,000 FITCOIN = ($10) Reward

  • 2,500 FITCOIN = ($25) Reward

  • 5,000 FITCOIN = ($50) Reward

  • 7,500 FITCOIN = ($75) Reward

  • 10,000 FITCOIN = ($100) Reward)

  • 25,000 FITCOIN = ($250 Reward) 

FAQ: Can I Earn Additional Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards for Referring Others? 

When you create a Fit365® Rewards Club Account, you'll automatically get access to our customer referral program! This was created specifically so that you have endless opportunities to refer your friends, family, clients, etc. So don't wait, refer more and earn more! 

FAQ: Who is Eligible to Earn Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Points? 

The great news is that everyone is eligible to earn rewards! Below is a detailed breakdown that includes the various ways that you can earn (FITCOIN) points based on the type of order you place: 

FAQ: How do I Check my FIt365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Balance? 

To view your full rewards balance, Log Into Your Fit365® Rewards Club Account.  

FAQ: Do my Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Points Expire? 

Yes, your (FITCOIN) rewards points will expire after (1) year of account inactivity. To prevent your rewards from automatically expiring, please note that you must take part in at least one "verified earning action". A detailed overview of these earning actions can be found by accessing and viewing your Fit365® Rewards Club Account

FAQ: How can I Earn Additional Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Points?

When it comes to earning (FITCOIN) rewards points, we encourage you to earn as many rewards as quickly as you can! Below is a partial list of eligible earning actions and associated rewards points that are included for each action taken (outside of placing an order): 

  • Share us on Facebook (5) 

  • Shout us out on Twitter (5)

  • Share the Community (5) 

  • Like us on Facebook (100) 

  • Follow us on Twitter (100)

  • Follow us on Instagram (100)

  • Create Your Rewards Account (250) 

  • Submit an Honest Review (500) 

  • Celebrate Your Birthday (500)

FAQ: What Happens to my Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Balance if my Order is Cancelled or Refunded? 

Should you request a refund either partial or in full and your order is cancelled, all associated (FITCOIN) points that were awarded when the order was originally placed will be automatically deducted from your current Fit365® Rewards Club Balance. If you redeemed a reward code for any refunded or cancelled order as awarded through the program, the appropriate number of rewards points will be deducted from any available account balance.

FAQ: Why did my Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Balance Decrease? 

While there are multiple reasons that this could occur, there is a good chance that one of your referrals recently canceled their purchase or initiated an order refund. Should you have any questions regarding your total (FITCOIN) points balance, please email our Rewards Support Team us with your concerns or questions:

FAQ: Will I Receive Additional Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Points for Celebrating a Birthday? 

First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Secondly, please keep in mind that you must enter your birthday into your Fit365® Rewards Club Account within a minimum of 30 days prior to the actual date of your birthday. This allows our system to successfully recognize, process, and award the applicable rewards points to your (FITCOIN) balance. That being said, since points are awarded once per calendar year and given that it is your birthday, please email our Rewards Support  Team and we will manually adjust your rewards balance:

FAQ: Can I Deactivate my Fit365® (FITCOIN) Rewards Club Account? 

Absolutely, you are more than welcome to submit a written email request letting us know that you would like us to delete your Fit365® Rewards Club Account. Please keep in mind that once this is done, any accrued (FITCOIN) points will be immediately forfeited upon the deletion of your account. You are more than welcome to re-enroll at a later time, but your rewards balance will reset back to zero at time of re-enrollment. If you have any questions or would like to request that we delete your account, please email our Rewards Support Team: